List Of My Work Experience...

As a result of my comprehensive business experience, my first priorities are creating jobs, expanding job training programs,
diversifying our economy, and enhance our existing businesses with innovative workable ideas. Improve the status of
the middle class by my stated priorities.

Please refer to the link "Number One Priority" for more detailed information about creating jobs.

I was a teacher and taught both elementary and college level classes as a teacher and guest lecturer for number of years.

Advertising and Marketing in combination of Business Developement for more than 3 decades.

                       Proficient with computers and various developmental software
                       Creating a productive marketing strategy by assessing customer needs
                       Supervising creative staff from concept to final campaign
                       Developing an effective tele-marketing procedure for sales organizations
                       Prospecting and generating new accounts by direct sales
                       Conducting full-scale presentations of marketing and advertising concepts to clients
                       Coordinating all aspects of advertising campaigns
                       Overseeing customer service and maintaining customer relations
                       Managing budgets for advertising campaigns
                       Providing expertise in advertising and the development of promotional materials
                       Researching and analyzing statistical marketing data for ads and public relations
                       Directing all aspects of public relations including writing, follow up with various news
                       organizations and media contacts
                       Organizing and coordinating all aspects of Internet sales including website development

San Diego Union Tribune
                       Generated new advertising accounts in Escondido, Vista and Oceanside.
                       Coordinated all aspects of marketing and advertising campaigns including design, writing content, placement of ads
                        including clients for non-profit, charities, promoting refrendums, candidate ads, and various voter action
                        Conducted full-scale presentations to corporations.

Creating Jobs as a result of employment with an Industrial Labor Agency.
                       Developed and generated new accounts in St. Louis and surrounding counties by telemarketing, Internet sales
                       and direct sales visitations. Found labor force employment that number in the hundreds by continues
                       work cycle shifts or manufacturing companies that worked day and night.


Owner of business and self employed. Developed marketing and advertising plans for a wide variety of companies and corporations with the
emphasis of shopping centers by creating ideas to draw in shoppers to the shopping centers. One of which was panning for gold. Created jobs
that worked for my company.

As an offshoot to the business, I came up with another idea for a potential new business. For those who can remember back in the 70s, the Garfield
doll utilized suction cups and were placed on the back window of cars. In the U.S., it was a big hit so I took the same idea and
applied it to college mascots. We chose those colleges with high degree of football enthusiasts such as Ohio State, Arizona State University, University
of Alabama and a few others as the initial marketing tests. The reception was high at the stores that sold the college mascots such as Dillards
in Alabama. After a couple of years though, the fad faded and the demand became less to the point it was no longer profitable. Part of the reason
it faded, was the result of new driving laws indicating that the dolls interfered with your rear view mirror sight of vision. During its popularity, it
was interesting visiting those states that had the mascots and see them on numerous cars through out the state. Note: The use of suction cups
on objects was in the public domain and did not interfere with any patent laws or trademarks as a result being in a different market exclusively.

After retirement,

Currently, I am a volunteer advocate and a non-denominational Chaplain working with the homeless veterans, homeless individuals, and homeless
families by providing them about the services that are available for them utilizing a informational document and a business card. It is an outreach
program covering all of Henderson and Las Vegas including the strip. Also, I work at Sunrise Hospital as a Chaplain for the patients, family members
and staff.

Worked in hospitals caring for the ill and with hospice in Chicago and now at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas as a Chaplain.

Worked with Catholic Charities in their expansion program to search and pick up the homeless and deliver them to city-wide
shelters in Chicago.

St. Celestine Church, I was in the Ministry Of Care including a Eucharistic Minister within the church.