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Number 1 Priority

The Number 1 Priority

The answer is Jobs.

(1.) I have been on the campaign trail and unemployment and the economy are still the number 1 issue for the constituents in this state combined with overburden regulations on small businesses. I have talked to many small business owners who have 50 employees or less. The number one issue for them is that it is still even harder to get loans from banks even though they have had relationships with their banks for a long time. It maybe the time now that small businesses may be open to the idea of Co-Oping as a viable option. This is not a new idea but to the extent that I plan to expand on this idea is new. This is one idea for the unemployed among other ideas that may provide jobs in a new way. Co-Oping is sharing the cost of doing business or another way to look at it is pooling their money. In other words, companies form groups that can range from 2 to 5 companies in a group. A benefit to this Co-Oping is sharing expenses such as pooled insurance (health, liability, property, workers comp, etc), marketing (advertising, sales reps), governmental (research, legal, training, government relations), etc. There are four very important aspects that have to be worked out: (A) Providing an actual guideline and rules that would be part of the implementation for businesses to form a group which will be formulated by senatorial office Washington DC. (B) This idea may not require altering the antitrust laws by legislation as it does not interfere with fair competition rather it deals only with cost of doing business. (C) Implementation. The simplest way is to implement this idea will be a through a committee and utilizing the senatorial offices both in Washington and in this state. (D)Creating a centralized book keeping system that pays the bills within in each group. This idea could be a real benefit to small companies as to the cost of doing business. In exchange, they would agree to hire new employees according to the size and the combined income of each group. It could provide a new option for small companies or even start-ups for the future and for the unemployed. It will not cost the taxpayers nothing nor will it require any funding of any kind. It will create a new way to do business with existing resources. It will require commitment, motivation, and structural business organization.

(2.)What we also need to do for this County's economy is to be diversified. Our economy was expanding so rapidly and relied on construction and leisure and hospitality for the economy's growth. In essence, we did not anticipate the worst recession of 2008. Those two segments of this economy just came to an abrupt halt. Further more, we need to provide them an offer they cannot refuse for them to physically move here with the understanding that they will hire a certain number of new employees. Funding for moving expenses. Improvements for children needs including our educational system and other incentives. The details would have to be negotiated on a state level, county level, city level and on a corporate level. The key is to make make it as easy as possible for companies to move here with various incentives. It is extremely important that this County stays united to get new businesses to move here. To do whatever it takes.

(3.)Also, I did talk to a lot of business owners. There seems to be a consensus on having a meeting most likely held at the one of Universities. It would give the business owners a chance to identify problems and also have a chance to express ideas that could be very beneficial to many business owners. Once the recommendations are adapted, we would have a committee combined with our senatorial offices to implement those ideas locally in Nevada.

(4.)Even though this is in the midst of law suits and the future is still unknown, another option that I believe in and will pursue is to invest in alternative energy especially in Solar Energy and this time on a much larger scale. The average amount of days that are sunny is 210 and 82 days of partly sunny days. That is a total of 292 days of sunshine. With the advancement that have been achieved in Solar Power and its declining costs, it could be a boom with rooftop solar systems for creating jobs throughout the state. The cost would depend on solar power incentives, solar permitting requirements, other solar power regulations, and the maturity of the solar markets in the state of Nevada. I would write legislation for expanding various new training programs and the funds to implement Solar Energy combined with real tax breaks for those who purchase using Solar Power. Cost for Solar Panels could be far less than originally thought per household if we create an conducive environment for this to happen. There are other alternative energies that are being developed such as Natural gas, Thermal and Wind Power that we could advance its progress by streamlining the process.

Summary and Other Ideas I believe that it is a federal, state, county and city...it is a combined effort to create jobs.1.) We reduce taxes, reduce regulations and get government out of businesses combined with incentives for those businesses that hire the unemployed as new employees. 2.) We expanded training classes other than leisure and hospitality and construction. 3.) We expand foreign markets for small businesses. 4.) Create, update, expand national jobs databases of jobs that are available by county or city. 5.) Subsidize "mini" jobs 15 to 20 hours a week for seniors and students and a reward program for hiring long term employees as they do in Germany as a model. 6.) Diversify, significant incentives for those businesses to move back from overseas and nationally to move to the state of Nevada 7.) A new program-Co-Oping small businesses to form small groups to share the cost of doing business with understanding that they hire both the unemployed and new employees. 8.) Increasing funding for infrastructure. 9.) Increase tourism by more aggressive marketing throughout the U.S. 10.) Expand alternative energy focusing on roof top solar panels throughout the state of Nevada. Recently, in the last 2 weeks there was an interview with a family member of the Rockefellers. They have realized the producing of oil has gotten more expensive so the ROI(Return on Investment)is getting less especially now with really lower gas prices. Another way to look at is the profit margin is decreasing and they see that alternative energy is going to be the next boom. They are now moving towards alternative energy as their major focus.

My goal is simple. Create Jobs is my number one priority and finding a workable balance between businesses and employees as to their pay scale. If you have any questions or comments.  Let me know.

                                          Paid by the committee to elect Steven St John For Senate.