Who Am I

Who Am I

I was born in New York then our family moved to Wilmette IL. There after, I attended San Diego State University and received a Master's Degree. I taught both elementary, college levels and adult classes for a few years as a teacher and as a guest lecturer. I then changed careers.

I have been both self employed in the Advertising and Marketing field including Business Development for more than 35 years. As I mentioned, I was in business development. One of the companies I worked for was a labor temporary agency. My main responsibility was to find companies that would contract with our company's labor workers. In other words, finding jobs for people in many types of manufacturing industries. Based on this experience, I know what it takes to find jobs for those who are seeking work. My last full time employer was the Union Tribune Newspaper located in San Diego California.

Currently, I am a non-denominational Chaplain and a volunteer advocate and work on an outreach program by providing informational documents of what services are available for the homeless and homeless vets. This information are ways of getting out of their present circumstances for those who are motivated to change. I have also worked with homeless veterans in conjunction with Community Resource and Referral Center or the VA outreach program. There are many reasons that veterans have gotten lost in the bureaucracy of the VA including the injuries they have sustained during war. Especially, the Vietnam Veterans. They have served with honor and have sacrificed so much. There is just no excuses for this and will do all I can to correct this legislatively. The VA outreach program has been quite successful in finding those vets who are homeless. However, there seems to be growing number of veterans who lived in other states have ended up here in Southern Nevada. The following is an interview that was conducted as a Chaplain. Courtesy of Las Vegas Tribune Radio Program and their willingness to let the general public know about this situation.

Interview with a homeless Veteran and what obstacles they face. It is very informative about their circumstances. There was another veteran but was unable to make it as result of continuing to find ways of making money in order to buy food. It last about 50 minutes.)

My wife and I met in Chicago and decided to move to California. We moved back to Chicago for three years so that my wife could be with her mother. They are very close and it gave me a chance to be with my family also. After careful consideration, we made a decision to get away from Chicago's harsh winters and moved to Nevada where we now live for the past 4 years.

I am retired now but my biggest strength continues to be coming up with creative ideas and solutions to problems combined with a can do attitude. I have always believed that it is not what you say, it is what all of us do that defines us. I am an ordinary citizen who has decided to run as a Non-Partisan Candidate.

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