Unsure Of Your Future, Healthcare, Social Secuirty, MedicareMedicaid, Making Ends Meet? Fed Up With Washington? Not knowing The Truth. It's Time For A New Advocate..

I am part of the new coalition of the decent that is spreading throughout the United States as to our American values with respect, truth and honor towards ourselves and others. Currently, I am a volunteer community advocate and work with the homeless veterans, families and individuals to become self sufficient. I happen to be a community outreach non-denominational-interfaith chaplain and plan to continue to work part time combined working with the VA homeless veteran's outreach program, patients at Sunrise Hospital, and the homeless as time permits. As a Non-Partisan candidate, I am not a career politician and I do focus on more listening than I do talking to get a better understanding of various points of view and circumstances. My first line of thinking when approaching legislation or policy is to think about the ramifications on the lives of everyday people which I have gotten to know both as a chaplain and as a potential candidate. You will now have a voice and what I will renew is the integrity and the statesmanship of public service including focusing on what needs to be done for this state and act on it. Everyone has their story and their circumstances and I know what it means because I have lived it, have been there and experienced the difficulties and the disappointments that so many of us feel. What we need is a representative who will not only listen but I will work diligently on your behalf to improve your lives and get things done for people in every walk of life. It will be done by closely working aggressively with federal, state, county, city and local communities and forming business partnerships for more job opportunities.

Based on this experience and the hard work that lies ahead as an Non-Partisan candidate, there needs to be changes for the middle class and the lower income of every race in regards to extensively increasing job training programs geared towards new job opportunities and jobs. I plan to introduce legislation that is more favorable for the employees by your increasing wages so you can earn a living for yourself and your families. In other words, it benefits everyone including businesses who recognize that it does work as to the morale and productivity. We need to make changes so that it is not one sided for the top 1% but for everyone because in the long run it really works for a more inclusive economy that benefits everyone. We need to make changes so that elections cannot be bought (Citizen United/Gerrymandering) or manipulate your vote to favor a certain candidate. We need to accommodate our veterans who are having difficulty qualifying for VA housing especially one group...The Vietnam Vets. It is still hard for the Vietnam Veterans to get the attention they need in order to help them get housing and benefits that they are due. Presently, looking at solutions at the Las Vegas VA. We need to make changes to expand social security by increasing the cap of $114,000 for those who make $250,000 or higher so everyone pays their equitable fair share or .025% of their income. If anyone tells you we need to cut Social Security or raise the age is absolutely incorrect. Capping is the best solutions as compared to other options for the middle class and lower income families. We also need to make changes in our educational system and provide means to lower the cost of a college education, common sense immigration reform, and racial equality. There are many more issues to be worked on and I will be very focused on the issues that matter to all of us especially the middle class, those who inspire to become middle class and those who are trying to find a way to make decent wages in order to live. There are more details about these issues and others at the following link...         
The Issues


(1.) My Number 1 priority are jobs, jobs, jobs.
The latest unemployment numbers are 70,000 ( rounded off ) as of October, 2017. I am very pro-business and will do as much as I can to streamline obstacles of doing business and taxes except for very large banks that do threaten our economy with high risk of purchasing hedge funds. I also believe in bringing back a more up to date of the Glass-Steagall act because the lesson we learned in 2008. Without common sense regulations greed does takes over and we have seen this over and over again throughout our history. Most importantly, I am a job orientated candidate as a result of my unique diverse business experience of 35 years. We need to do more promoting of our wide variety of local businesses and to raise awareness locally of the products and services that they provide. As an example...the ads you see on national TV for shopping at small businesses. It has been very effective. This also includes working with the various chamber of commerces throughout the state, other business groups and utilize their organizations by promoting businesses including public relations and advertising campaigns. The focus will be our local businesses and corporations including ads for promoting the state of Nevada tourism industry.

I will work on other priorities. One of them, many of Nevada's unemployed are having a very difficult time finding full time work. I will do everything I can to raise wages from a minimum wage of $7.25 to $12.00-$15.00 an hour especially for those who are inspiring to become middle class. There is a saying by (Paul Wellstone)..."We all do better when we all do better". When we all do better it turns out both corporations and employees make our economy stronger by increasing the purchasing power so that it will create more demand. In turn, it will create more jobs combined with both sides making good pay and healthy profits.

(2.) I will pursue diversification to have other industries to move to this state. (3.) Expanding alternative energy and provide training so that it is more available for these types of jobs. This section of our economy is wide open and can create more expansive job opportunities. (4.) Legislating improvements on the Health Care especially by lowering premiums, coverage and protection to the consumer. (5.) It is hard to believe that the water level is so low. I will pursue other options such as the Colorado River raising from only 5% usage to a larger percentage. (6.) The circumstances regarding our vets is extremely important to me and I will find solutions for the homeless vets and bring back their dignity. (7.) Other important issues are improving our educational system and expanding other various alternative employment training programs for students utilizing their skills of interests. Improve the status of the middle class and passing legislation for common sense comprehensive immigration reform. (8.) Making sure that promises are kept and expand Social Security, working with Medicare to lower cost mainly by streamlining network communications. Also, this past month, both houses of our government wanted to repeal and replace Obama Care. If this had passed, medicaid and the whole health care system would have been in serious trouble. The list of those medical groups, associations, hospital, doctors and even insurance companies who opposed it knew the disastrous consequences of instability. My goal is to fix what we have as to health insurance and most importantly stablize the insurance market in order to bring down premiums and costs. Right now, the Trump administration is starving the financial obligations for Obama Care or the ACA. I will do all I can to put an end to this with your active participation. This will take time to implement. (9.)Making sure that pension agreements are kept intact. (10.)Finally, racial equality is very important issue for me as to providing better paying jobs and by offering up-to-date job training programs for both women and men especially single women families.

Working with homeless as a volunteer, I did not realize the extent of the problems facing Nevada. These are the latest statistics that we are dealing with...

*We are in the top 2% in the U.S. for Neglect and Abuse of Children including Children Trafficking. 
*Close to 20% homeless are veterans who live in cardboard boxes, tents or on the streets.
*62 % of our children live in poverty and get only 5 meals a week from their local schools. 
*We are rated 3rd in the U.S. for violent crimes. 
*We spend between $2,000-$8,000 per student in elementary and secondary education while the national average is 11,900.00 per student. 
*We are ranked in the top 5 states for starvation of children including 24,000 homeless children yearly.
*A total of 1,880 animal abuses in Nevada have been reported. Unknown as to the real total that have not been reported

The solutions are varied for the homeless as a result of the stigma related to the homeless. We need to expand the number of shelters with good security as a result of so many IDs being stolen during the night. We need to inform them of what services are available for them which is provided by the state, by the county, and by the cities. The funding is from each branch and makes it possible to provide these services to the homeless. We need to form partnerships with local companies to hire both the unemployed and the homeless for those who are motivated. In time, it will make these problems far better then they are now. I am also on the committee with Las Vegas Mayor's Faith Initiative To End Homelessness in out city and currently working on solutions. It is totally made up of volunteers.

An issue that means a lot to me are the homeless veterans... according to various news outlets, there are candidates and current representatives who want to privatize the VA permanently with a Voucher System and unfortunately it is gaining traction. In other words, get rid of the VA and replace it with privatization. A News article that was written and I thought it was comprehensive as to the Veteran's point of view. This is an excerpt..."Actually, many people know exactly what would happen, among them...AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sending millions of older, sicker Americans many of them requiring specialized care for rare and complex health problems into the waiting arms of private insurers, private doctors and private pharmaceutical firms is a recipe for chaos and rationing on a grand scale. As the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concluded its assessment would be a dramatic shift of health care costs onto the Vets costing an added 50 billion dollars more to privatize the VA."

The Vets would have to fend for themselves in our current private health insurance care system. The latest facts about the VA that they have hired more than 800 more doctors, hired over 1000 nurses and have and will add close to 30 new VA facilities. The average wait time ranges from 30-120 days and it does continue to drop slowly. There are systemic problems within the VA but those problems are being addressed aggressively but have a long way to go. Congress can add more funding to accommodate our Vets who deserve the best health care and job training but not under total privatization. Did you know that 70% of our Doctors and Nurses are trained by the VA. Did you know those who have been hospitalized by the VA have rated the VA higher in overall care as compared to private hospital care year after year. Unanimously, the vets do not want any changes to the VA and do not want it to be privatize because they know what it means to them and the affect it will have on them. Another solution is for the VA to hire Veterans because they know what they have been through and I think there will a dramatic change how veterans are treated and processed.

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