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Welcome to the voting page in order to vote on a piece of legislation. We hope you participate because your voice really matters in this district. There will be a video summary with a simple explanation about the legislation. This is a demo and use the word Demo as seen with a capital letter D. You have to be a registered voter in order to participate and you can only vote once. If other members in your household want to vote they can participate but will have to re-login or start from the beginning. If you are the only one voting, you will have to re-login in order to clear the record of how you voted. This for security reasons and we will be able to know how many times one has voted by your pin number. If you vote more than once we will negate the others and allow only one vote. If I get 51% of votes that is how I will vote. It is important to note no one party has the majority so it is a combined effort.
Voting Page

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